Why rugby is the best sport.

Rugby is the best sport because it involves brains, braun and Skill,to become good you have to train hard and you have to put lots of effort into it whereas for football its a lot more simple because all you have to do is pass a ball and shoot, but in rugby you have to pass, tackle, you have to come up with tactics also you have to play smartly. RUGBY IS BETTER THAN ALL OTHER SPORTS
Basics of Rugby
before you start you need to know the basics. Firstly you need to know how to pass then you can slowly intergrate into a bit of contact but before you do any contact you need to know when you tackle you have to:
  • 1. do cheek to cheek.
  • 2. arms of steel (wrapping your arms around their legs and binding them) and you have to try and land safely when tackling otherwise you might get injured